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It’s a puzzle; my story -and every picture I make- where each piece fits in with time. This story is no different.

I wander in a city unmapped. Early morning walks to see the light fall on the pale walls as if they’ve never been touched before. Where ever corner appears strange to me, everything still open to be explored. Discovering the contradictions of society manifested in the landscapes. Grasping the irony in small facts. Framing the first impression of the unknown.

Seeking similarities, looking for a connection, for the significant other to fill a missing gap. This befalls us so frighteningly, the modern world becomes more complex, faster and less personal; it seems an even greater challenge to find one another. Keeping this in mind, blind dates have been organized, like so many other speed-daters to encounter a possible sweetheart. Drinks and small talks done. Plunging into the vulnerable state of mind, which reminds us underneath of a shared desire for physical intimacy. However it’s where one sought for familiarity or openness, that one is often confronted with the discomfort.

As time goes by, you get to know which road leads to the heart of town, which door you need to knock on to see a friendly face. The uncharted shifts in a moment, when the invisible becomes visible, where secrets unfold. A picture is made as a souvenir, triggering curiosity for what really happened then.

Created at the residency CACP Villa Perochon Niort 2017

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