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discovering happiness in small pleasures


Motivated by love, Alejandro decided to move to the Northern part of the Netherlands, where he assumed the responsibilities of managing the household. This wasn't a move driven by nostalgia but a purposeful choice to attain a balanced and harmonious life. His life became more uncomplicated as he embraced love, committing himself to caring for both Sarah, the dog, and the children. Despite maintaining his passion for sports, he also found a way to generate a modest income by exploring his newfound love for drawing.


Through the worldwide web, I encountered ‘The Buddy’. Someone who has become beloved as time has gone by. He is a structured, caring man with a minimalist and well-organized house. His favorite spot is the veranda, where he enjoys natural light and warmth. The garden is surrounded by a tall hedge, offering privacy. His kitchen is always spotless, free from clutter. In the bedroom, a bed with two bedside tables awaits, along with charging phone cables on his side, ready for catching up on the latest news or monitoring home utilities. His passion manifests in his dedication to work. ‘The buddy’ is an expert in international strategies for media channels. His home office reflects his knowledge of telecommunications, where he stays updated with the latest trends. At work, ‘The buddy’ excels in handling irregularities, and seemingly impossible challenges inspire him. Pointless to say, he is a bit of a workaholic. In his free time, he finds comfort in organizing his household and taking long walks in nature. When describing ‘The buddy’ to others, the words that come to my mind are "steady" and "boring". It's this everyday banality that often goes unnoticed, the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, that I aim to portray in his existence.  By doing so, this practice encourages me to be more present, observant, to take a step back, slowing down the speed of daily life.

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